What it’s like to access emergency medical services with a mask exemption and how I healed myself using EFT Tapping and more

In this blog post, I share the story of my near-death experiences and the challenges I faced having a mask exemption and trying to access emergency medical services in Toronto, Canada.   I also describe my healing journey and what I did to heal myself. 

On January 31, 2021, I almost died by choking.  I was in my kitchen and I had just finished eating when it happened.  It was one of scariest experiences I ever had and the closest to death I have ever been.  My throat completely slammed shut for at least a minute or more.  Most people would describe this as an anaphylactic reaction except it would seem mysterious as I don’t have allergies, and the food I had just ingested I had previously eaten many times without any issue.  I was in serious distress trying to get my airway to open.  I thought about calling 911 but I couldn’t speak, I was home alone, and I remember thinking ‘I’ll be dead before they arrive’.  A lot went through my mind while I was trying to figure out how to breathe again.  I eventually prayed for angelic help as I did not believe it was my time to go.  Then finally, my throat opened up and I was able to breathe again. 

That experience was shocking and traumatic and I had post traumatic stress symptoms as a result.  In the days that followed I experienced pain in my lungs, tongue swelling, I had difficulty eating, I couldn’t sleep, I had bouts of high anxiety and periods when I felt my throat closing up.  Two days later, I thought about calling 911.  It was late at night, I was in distress, I was really anxious and uncomfortable because my tongue was swollen and I kept feeling my throat closing up.  I was worried it was going happen again.  I was using stress reduction techniques to try to calm myself.  My intuition told me that I did not need to call 911 but I went against my intuition and ended up calling them anyway. 

After the paramedics arrived, I realized why my intuition had advised me against calling 911.  One of the paramedics who seemed to take the lead and did all the talking, refused to enter my home unless I wore a mask or a visor.  I told her I have a mask exemption and I’m exempt from wearing a visor as well.  I got really upset by how she treated me and I directed them to leave if they couldn’t do their job unless I wore a mask.  After telling them this, she then invited me into the ambulance to take a look at me.  Upon entering the ambulance, she still tried to get me to wear a visor which was annoying and I reminded her that I am exempt.  While in the ambulance, I started to calm down as the other paramedic was really calm and seemed really kind.  They recommended I go to the hospital, however, the lead paramedic who seemed really anxious, told me that there was no way I would be able to go to the hospital without wearing a mask.  She said that the hospitals were that strict and did not allow mask exemptions.  Given that information and that it appeared I had incurred more stress as result of calling 911, I decided not to go to the hospital.

After that encounter with the paramedics, I felt this strange sensation in my left arm where the blood pressure cuff had been placed to check my blood pressure; the veins in my left arm started to pop and at times felt really uncomfortable, I had developed thrombosis in my left arm.  I wondered if the blood pressure check, which felt very uncomfortable, contributed to the symptoms in my arm or whether the added stress of the encounter with paramedics aggravated a fragile situation that was already brewing within my body as a result of the traumatic chocking incident.  Interestingly, I would experience relief when I elevated my arm up or when I was able to stay focused on loving thoughts.  However, in a few weeks my ability to stay in the loving vibes became more challenging.  

I very quickly realized that the tongue swelling, aside from being a side effect from the choking event, had persisted because I was having allergic reactions to foods I was eating.  These were the same foods I had ingested just prior to the traumatic choking incident.  This is how some people develop allergies, during traumatic or upsetting experiences where certain foods were in the digestive tract or present in the environment and became associated with the trauma or upset.  Thankfully, I successfully applied eft tapping, an energy psychology therapy, to the food allergies and soon after, my tongue went back to normal.  However, during this healing process I was not able to eat properly so I drank vegetable juices that I made everyday with my juicer to avoid malnourishment.  I became determined to utilize all my therapeutic healing tools, as well as, my intuition to heal my trauma and get my body back to equilibrium.  

The traumatic choking incident also brought up other traumas that were calling my attention to be healed.  One of them occurred the day I was born.  I was born with the umbilical cord around my throat, I came out purple and never cried, my mother was concerned that I may have died.  For years, I did not wear necklaces and did not like to have anything around my throat.  Years ago, when I became aware of this connection to my birthing experience, I would occasionally wear loose fitting necklaces and mostly felt fine, however, I didn’t really release the trauma from that experience until now.  I used eft tapping and matrix reimprinting, another energy psychology therapy, in an intensive way to heal my traumas and I experienced amazing breakthroughs.

In addition to using energy psychology for healing, I also practiced heart-breathing, meditation, visualization, sound healing, and other energy medicine techniques.  I also had a few distance reiki sessions by a gifted intuitive healer and a crystal bowl sound bath from a friend which also helped balance my energy.  I began reading books by Anthony William, the medical medium, as I was interested in learning more about how to use food as medicine as I still did not have my normal appetite for food despite healing the food allergies.   My health was improving, I made wonderful gains, but my sleep was up and down, and it turned out that my road to wellness would be a bumpy one.  

Three weeks after the choking incident, my spirit guides guided me to do a physical detox and avoid all fried foods.  I would soon learn more about the importance of this guidance through reading the medical medium books.  My spirit guides also gave me a heads up to do more emotional healing.  They knew what was coming up next for me…

Right after that, something really upsetting happened with one of my friendships.  It was traumatic and it knocked me down.  I experienced emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma, it triggered deep wounds.  Traumas can occur when something unexpected happens and there is a feeling of helplessness.  This can lead to feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, disrupted sleep and more.  Traumas stress the body’s organs through release of high levels of cortisol and stress hormones and may show up as physical health issues.  My thrombosis symptoms got worse, now I had it in both arms.  I applied my trauma healing tools to this situation as well but I struggled to move forward, I felt tired and exhausted.  I ended up containing and suppressing some of my emotions related to this situation and told myself ‘I’ll deal with it later’.   I continued to push that situation away from my mind and focus on other things. 

I decided to do a 3-day juice fast as this has always helped me feel better in the past.  All I could think about during it were the fried foods I had previously enjoyed.  After that fast, I woke up craving bananas which I had not eaten in about 20 years and I found them so enjoyable and tasty.  I learned how healing bananas are for the body and mind through the medical medium books.  I implemented some of the medical medium suggestions, such as, drinking celery juice every morning and eating certain foods for optimal healing.  This helped me feel a lot better and my appetite for food came back. 

Since I was feeling better, I decided to have some of the comfort foods that I had missed, like chocolate cake and cheese.  A part of me did not realize how fragile my body still was from the emotional and physical traumas that I had experienced and not fully healed from.  I would soon receive the wake-up call back to cleaner eating, reading and implementing more of the medical medium information, and addressing my unresolved emotional issues.

I had two more stressful experiences happen within a week of each other that would normally have been tolerable but I felt really upset and frustrated.  I found myself ruminating about the situations, not realizing that this was actually harming my body through the release of too much adrenaline and stress hormones.  My stress response was over active.   Instead of fully addressing my emotions, I tried to suppress them.   By the 4th stressful event, I started have flashbacks of the choking incident in January, which indicated to me that there were still remnants of that trauma that needed healing.  My health deteriorated rapidly.  I felt like my body was dying.  My intuition told me I had an aneurysm which was scary.  The thrombosis in my arms got worse, I now had thrombosis in my legs, I had issues with my thyroid, my heart, I had difficulty breathing, my body felt very uncomfortable, I couldn’t sleep, I was angry and scared.   

As a medium, I have the ability to clairvoyantly perceive energy and the truth about people, places and situations.  I remember thinking, ‘I need to go to the hospital’, but when I tuned into the energy of that option, I saw that it would result in more stress and I also an image of a Nazi which startled me but it was very clear that was a bad option.   I would soon learn why I saw this vision of a Nazi connected to the hospital. 

The next day, on April 2, 2021, two months after the choking incident, I reached out to a healer that uses quantum biofeedback and I began intensive sessions.  Quantum biofeedback technology has the ability to scan and treat your body for health issues at a distance.  Yes, we are living in an era where this kind of technology exists, it’s amazing what it can do.  The quantum biofeedback confirmed what my intuition had told me, my situation was dire.  I had an aneurysm and issues with my thyroid, heart, liver, lungs, arteries, veins, blood, bones, muscles, Epstein barr virus and more.

If I had gone to a conventional doctor, I could have been diagnosed with several health conditions, three or four autoimmune diseases, prescribed a bunch of meds with side effects, and no cure.   This would be a common response because of conventional doctor’s training and education which mainly focuses on pharmaceutical interventions instead of looking at treating the root causes of issues and taking holistic approaches.   I’ve done a lot of my own research into the medical industry and I know that ‘modern medicine’ is good for some things but it’s still in the dark about how to heal roots causes of many ailments.   I’ve also seen and heard many client stories and their suffering with health issues and how they were treated by their doctors.   I wanted more than just managing my symptoms, my plan was to fully heal.  

I know that the body has the capacity to fully heal itself in the right environment, so my mindset was focused that, reversing my symptoms and restoring my body back to equilibrium by addressing the root causes and taking a holistic approach.  In addition to quantum biofeedback sessions, I started taking natural supplements for some of my symptoms, I went back to implementing the medical medium food suggestions as this helped me feel better previously, and I continued researching more about my symptoms and how to heal my body through his books.   My goal was to start sleeping again and get my body as balanced as possible so that I could get back to addressing and healing the traumas that had triggered my symptoms.

However, within those first few days, I panicked two times because of my symptoms and I tried to access emergency medical care.   The first time I tried accessing emergency medical care, I went onto the university health network website which stated that they offered virtual emergency department visits, however, the service was not set up and not working the day I checked.  I called a hospital near my home and was advised I would not be permitted to enter unless I wore a mask and that I would need a medical note from a doctor in order to enter without a mask.  I did not have a medical note and feel I shouldn’t need one in order to access emergency medical care.  It’s discrimination to have to go through this hoop.  I was not provided with any helpful information about what I could do to access emergency medical care with a mask exemption.  

I called telehealth Ontario, a service that allows you to consult with a nurse over the phone.  I waited 15 minutes before someone answered the phone and I was advised that it was a 3 hour wait before a nurse could call me back.  3.5 hours later a nurse called me and after answering all her questions she advised me to go the emergency room at the hospital.  I explained I had a mask exemption and had already called the hospital and been refused service because of my mask exemption, and she didn’t know what to tell me.  She suggested I call other hospitals to see if any of them would take me. 

I decided to call 911 instead since I thought maybe the paramedics could take a look at me as I was concerned I was on the verge of death.  When the paramedics arrived however, both of them refused to provide me with service unless I wore a mask.  After I explained my mask exemptions to them, they told me that there are no mask exemptions, and that I was the first person they come across that claimed a mask exemption.  They did not ask about any of my health concerns and proceeded to tell me that my condition could not be that bad if I was refusing to wear a mask and accused me of trying to make a political statement.  I know that because I can speak up for myself and I’m mentally strong, they made all sorts of incorrect assumptions about me and my state of health.   I even asked them a hypothetical question, “if I dropped on the street due to having a heart attack, you’re telling me you wouldn’t treat me because I have a mask exemption?” and they told me that they would treat me but they would put a mask on me first and that it was their “medical opinion” that I needed to wear a mask.  They also told me that no hospital in Canada would allow anyone in without a mask.  

I knew at this point that the vision I had in my channeling the day before was connected to these paramedics and that it didn’t’ matter what I said because they would continue to refuse to treat me.  In my channeling, I had a vision of Nazis walking towards me, which at first startled me, but after they approached me, all they did was talk at me, they couldn’t really see me and they weren’t listening to me.  That’s exactly what happened and what the paramedics were like.  I realized they had zero awareness about health and wellness as it pertains to masks and how to engage with people in medical distress.  I realized I was better off not getting stressed about the situation as I did not want to aggravate my already dire symptoms.  I had to take my health into my own hands in a more profound way seeing how broken, unreliable and inaccessible our medical system is.  The discriminatory hospital policies and behaviour of the paramedics, acting like mask Nazis, is a reflection of our corrupted medical system and the governments tyrannical response to covid. 

Our government allows mask exemptions for medical reasons and human rights reasons but they are very quiet about this.  I claim both medical and human rights exemptions, however, under the law, I don’t have to tell anyone the reasons for my mask exemption.  In actuality, we are all exempt from wearing a mask under the human rights code given that masks are useless at preventing or protecting from the transmission of covid.  The masks have nothing to do with health and can cause more harm, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our governments have been lying to us from the beginning.  There’s more I could say about this but for now I’ve included resources at the end of this post if you’re interested in learning more (important information being censored by the mainstream). 

The second time I tried accessing emergency medical care was a few days later when I had already been making changes to improve my situation but one night I went into a state of panic about my symptoms.  This time I had a friend help out in case I ended up with rude paramedics.  But luckily, I got two guys that were phenomenal, they were kind, compassionate, respectful, and professional.  This experience turned out to be a healing one.   My vitals were good which told me that I was on the right track with my healing path and it gave it hope. 

Although I healed a lot of emotional and physical issues in the past, I had never been in a situation where my body collapsed the way it did.  I was so dysregulated I couldn’t even work on my emotional issues.  I felt encouraged learning about my symptoms in the medical medium books and how to heal them using food as medicine and natural supplements.  The body has an intelligent innate capacity to heal itself in the right environment.  The foods I consume to fuel my body could help or hinder my healing process.  I sometimes learned this the hard way.  The medical medium information helped me heal and feel better in my body so I could do the emotional healing work. 

My expertise is healing emotional issues, including emotional issues contributing to physical ailments, so, I knew that taking care of my traumas and emotional issues were key to full healing.   Some days were so challenging.  My sleep was up and down for awhile but it got better and I was able to start working on healing the deeper traumas.  This was a painful process.  My ability to stay regulated was up and down as I uncovered and worked on healing the layers of pain.  It hurt to face the wounded parts of me that came to the surface.  That’s one of the reasons why I had avoided dealing with them, which is a common human response.   People deal with their issues when they’re ready or willing to face them, or when tragedy, trauma, illness or dis-ease compels them to deal with it.   The body can handle only so much stress and repressed emotions before it starts calling our attention to shift to a healing and more empowered path. 

I revisited the choking incident and healed aspects of that trauma that I had missed the first time around when I was doing intensive healing work.  I revisited the other events that had contributed to my stress and trauma including the first encounter with paramedics, the traumatic situation with the friend, and more.  I applied eft tapping and matrix reimprinting to my repressed emotions and limiting beliefs, and I felt really happy when I experienced emotional breakthroughs.   

I reversed quite a number of my symptoms by the beginning of May to mid-May 2021.  Yay!!  If I went to see a doctor my diagnosis could change week to week because of my symptom reversals.  At this point in time (late May), with the symptoms I’m currently experiencing, I could still be diagnosed with a health condition but I’m on the path to reversing all my symptoms and experiencing myself as fully healed.

I believe in miracle healings and I know that my spirit guides could have healed me instantly but they kept reminding me of the power within me to heal myself and repeatedly directed me to use my mind to heal my body.  We learn more about ourselves, our priorities, and much more, when we go through an intense healing journey.   

I noticed a few themes emerge in the emotional healing work I did.   I was unsupported by people and systems I was expecting or hoping would support me despite my intuition showing me otherwise.   It’s not easy to always trust and follow our intuition especially when it conflicts with social norms or tells us something we wish weren’t true.  I was reminded and shown that my intuition always leads me on the right path for my healing and highest good.  It was a blessing in disguise that I was rejected by our medical system because I turned to resources that really did support and empower me to fully heal and become even healthier than before.  There’s more I learned of course, but I’ll save it for another post.

I’m so grateful for my spirit guides, the healers who have helped me, the medical medium information, my intuition, and my therapeutic healing tools, especially eft tapping and matrix reimprinting.  I highly recommend all the medical medium books and YouTube videos for anyone dealing with health issues.  The information in his books saved my life in many ways and are more valuable than gold!! 

Everyone’s situation is unique.  Symptoms are meaningful and there are many ways to heal.  Sometimes it’s not easy to know the right next steps on your healing journey because of fear, social conditioning, and other people’s opinions.   If you are struggling with emotional or physical health issues know that it is possible to heal the root causes and experience freedom in your body and mind again.  I’m not suggesting you do what I did but there is power in taking responsibility for your health and healing and taking a holistic approach.  Please do your own research when making decisions about your health and wellness, consult with your doctor, listen to your intuition, and use your discernment. 

I have availability for consultations and sessions if you would like to receive my personal support on your healing journey.   I can help you heal emotional issues so you can manifest what you desire.  I’m happy to offer intuitive readings and intuitive wellness coaching.  You can learn more about my services here:  https://intuitivepenny.com/services/.  You can also learn how to use some of my favorite healing tools in the intuitive wellness self-care tool kit, available as a free download when you subscribe to my newsletter: https://intuitivepenny.com/self-care-took-kit/.    

Sending healing vibes your way.

With love & blessings,


P.s. I care about your health and wellness.  Unfortunately, our governments are trying to suppress our ability to be healthy through oppressive and unlawful covid measures, which are crimes against humanity.  This is happening, not just in Canada, but globally as the big pharma mafia tries to control the world’s population.  I know it may not be easy for some people to believe this could be true, especially if these concepts are outside of your belief system.  I encourage you to keep an open mind, do your own research and question everything.  

Knowledge is power.  A lot of people around the world are already awake to what’s happening and there are many doctors, health care practitioners, and human rights advocates standing up for our rights to health and medical freedom.  We are being called to collectively wake up, rise up and unite so that we can live freely and healthily. 

If you would like to learn more, here are some helpful links where you will find important information regarding covid, safe and effective treatments, legal rights, health rights, legal action, and various groups empowering people and businesses and advocating for your rights. They’re being censored by the mainstream and ignored by the government.  You may wish to sign up for the newsletters on the respective websites to stay up to date with current research and information.  

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