A channeled message from the Spirit Guides about the virus we’re dealing with today

I channeled this message through automatic writing on May 10, 2020. 

Here’s the message:

We are so glad you have allowed us to work through you.  We have a special message for humans: we love you and we want you to love yourselves more, it’s vital to the energetic ascension, raising of the vibration. We know that your planet is experiencing many changes right now, some of them are very positive, some of them are concerning, we wish to speak to the concerns and what can be done for this.  Fear is like virus that has a habit of replicating in certain environments.  It is vital for your survival to tune into love and not fall into fear, fear is a downward spiral and love is the exact opposite, an upward spiral.  The more love you invite in your heart and your energy body, the better you feel overall and the planet heals even more, people heal, animals heal, everyone heals, even the dark heals. We know yours is a planet of duality, and duality it remains, but the vibration raises to a point where certain dualities can no longer exist, the dark of the dark diminishes, the light rises, and duality still exists so that humans can learn lessons about love and forgiveness but there is more cooperation and compassion, more peace and light, a better society for living in, less pain, more joy.  This is our message for today.  Thank you for you writing it.  Peace and love are forever and always yours.  Namaste.

With love & blessings,



  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message of hope. I totally agree that there is cause and effect for all actions be it conscious or subconscious. This is a wake up call, the mirror is purposeful and necessary for highlighting the darkness within in order to help us shift back into balance, love, respect and light with Mother Nature and all of the loving inhabitants on this earth.

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