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How to heal twin flame angst

I had no idea when I embarked on the twin flame journey that it would give rise to a painful spiritual awakening.  I affectionately call it “Karate kid” style of spiritual learning: you don’t fully understand why you have to do certain exercises and feel miserable in the process, but then you eventually develop self-mastery and recognize your twin as one of your greatest spiritual teachers.  

It wasn’t easy.  I remember the twin flame angst.  Your twin feels like home, the energy is undeniable, and then there comes the pain of separation and very challenging multidimensional experiences.  Learning about the twin flame spiritual journey from other twin flame teachers helped put things into perspective.  However, what essentially healed the distress and grief that comes along with this spiritual awakening process was EFT Tapping, heart-breathing and angelic healing.

These healing tools and resources helped me experience peace and happiness.  I reached a higher level of awareness and consciousness that strengthened my intuitive senses.  I came to recognize that my twin flame journey was partly designed to trigger me into releasing old emotional wounds that were lying dormant.  I released repressed emotions and limiting beliefs about not being good enough and had incredible emotional breakthroughs!  This process allowed me to raise my vibration even higher and generate more healing vibes on this planet.  Now, I feel like I’m stepping into the best version of myself more and more every day.  

You can experience this kind of emotional healing too!  Healing with angels and divine spirit guides is so powerful.  They are always available and love to help you!  The key to receiving their help is to simply ask, then allow yourself to receive their healing.  When you ask for angelic or divine healing, you may notice physical releases, such as yawning or coughing, or physical sensations, such as goosebumps.  Also pay attention to the loving nudges you receive through your thoughts, people in your environment, and signs in the universe, about actions to take that will empower you to heal yourself.  

Powerful self-help tools, such as, EFT Tapping and heart-breathing offers amazing results that can help you feel better faster.  EFT Tapping helps you process and release lower emotions and limiting beliefs so you can step into your true potential.  Heart-breathing also releases lower emotions and promotes heart-brain coherence which helps you access the wisest part of yourself.  

These healing resources are helpful, not just for twin flames, but for anyone experiencing relationship angst or heartbreak.  Applying a combination of these helpful tools and resources provides impressive results, including new levels of consciousness, awareness and emotional freedom.  

To support you on your healing journey, I created a self-care tool kit available to you as a download via email when you subscribe to my newsletter on my website.  In this tool kit, you learn how to use EFT Tapping, heart-breathing, and positive affirmations to release lower emotions and experience more joyful feeling vibes.   

Your intention to heal this distress and willingness to apply helpful tools and resources can accelerate your healing process.   Allow yourself to recognize the healing power within you and see yourself soar to new heights.   You got this!

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